Great work requires great people. We think ours are some of the best.

We are driven by the belief that every emerging business should have reliable financial information and a strong team to provide insights.

Alex Corral, CPA
Founder, Principal, Chief Numbers Officer

Our Founder

As my clients know, I am obsessed with uncovering insights and improving businesses through financial analysis and strong accounting processes.

Over my career, I have had the privilege of working with Big 4 accounting firms, iconic corporations, and large private equity groups.

I’ve made it my mission (and business) to continue providing this value and expertise to small & mid-size companies during their crucial growth stage.

We are passionate about establishing top notch accounting processes, unwinding bad accounting, guiding companies through working capital crunches, organizing information for potential investors pitches and building five-year strategic models. Regardless of the need, you can be assured that we will work through any issue together to strengthen your business.

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